Wednesday, April 21, 2010

...The Sun Really Is Setting...

The beautiful photo included in this blog shows the view outside my apartment window. The traffic you see is that exiting the Granville Street Bridge on either Granville street or Seymour Street, entering downtown Vancouver. When I moved in April 1st of last year, I had a choice of suites and I chose this one specifically for the Western exposure. I've always had a thing for sunsets (just look at the photo) and the other options were views of blighted rooftops next to this building or facing the nightclub directly opposite the front of this building on Richards Street. I was instantly in love with the view and have set up my desk and monitor next to the large window. What is not apparent in the photo is the lovely community garden that lies between where the camera was and where you see the headlights - another bonus.
Tragically, I arrived home early one afternoon, about the third week of April last year (that's right, 3 weeks after I moved in) and witnessed a small group of people with a large red ribbon, a silver shovel and a photographer getting it all on film. That's right, a sod turning ceremony directly across the alley outside my window and as of this writing they have begun the second floor bracing and constructing forms for the cement floor to be poured probably early next week. This means I'll soon be able to see what my neighbors are eating for breakfast, watching on TV...wearing! To make matters worse, an immaculately illustrated sign has been erected at the edge of the garden indicating the beautiful high rise that is going up where the rows of greenery are presently situated. That means the beautiful vantage point I've enjoyed this past year will soon exist only in memories. I suspect I'll linger just a little longer and a little more often these next coming months during the remaining sunsets I have left...(c'mon, this ain't a sob story - sunsets are medicine for a guy like me)

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