Saturday, July 3, 2010

As The Crow Flies (song)

words and music: larry nicholson

will you still be my love when i cross the sea?
with a heavy heart or triumphantly
i'll come back to you with the world on the rise
looking for you steady as the crow flies

this road is less traveled this path made of thorns
my raging heart lives on while you go chasing storms
beside ancient mountains where ocean meets the sky
i'll meet you there ready as the crow flies

down near the eddy there’s a river of tears
she cuts like that water marking cold hopes and fears
on knees bruised and bent the woman prays while she cries
over some half-remembered lost shore as the crow flies

bridge 1
some use broken wheels and sail leaky boats
spend half our days all our nights just to float
it's like floating forever, forever caught up high
we'll get on with the journey as the crow flies

on ragged wings i sailed lonely nights east
they painted me with false colors like a kind of cruel beast
the city blurs my vision and puts smoke in my eyes
tonight i still see you as the crow flies

false-hearted lovers - jagged sense of romance
back into ashes and dust we will dance
the heart that's gone weary is the heart that dies
watching forever for you as the crow flies

bridge 2
black wings beat through this city tonight
is this flesh and blood or a trick of the light?
when my bones have turned pale and the flames have all died
the silence will keep us as the crow flies

can you save the best part of your beautiful soul?
does your mother remember you young strong and whole?
you paid for your freedom with loss and goodbyes
with nothing left to haunt you as the crow flies

when your friends ain't your friends when the world is unkind
you've read all the books and you've been left behind
i put it all down for you, i'm putting down all the lies
tonight i still need you as the crow flies...

© 2010 Champsteen Publishing

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