Tuesday, July 6, 2010

...A Story About: Story...(or keeping up w/ the Robinsons)...

...it is so much fun to try and put these things together - songs, that is, blog posts too, for that matter - doesn't matter what the song is about, it's still like trying to wrestle something out of your own hands, it's still like something eats at you, challenging you, daring you to try and bring it along - i won't comment on the quality (and i'm not foisting material on anyone, remember, it's a blog...you're here by choice) it's just that when i listen to singer songwriter types, it makes me wanna do it (it moves me to act, which is such a powerful phenomenon in our lives) i'm embarrassed because i still constantly air-guitar a motion as if i was strumming a guitar, unconsciously aaaalllll the time (oh well, beats suckin' my thumb)...

this is a ten year old song - I'm cereal!!! i made my first one when i was 19 (that's 20 YEARS, man! - yi-i-i-kes!!!) - - for this one, a really dear friend was getting married, we had known each other for years, a chicklet when i met her through her sister - we all worked at Lake Louise (early 90's- both girls made a profound impression on me)- we stayed connected and eventually wound up classmates together at UBC's Creative Writing Department, where Rebecca met Tim when he directed her play for a festival, she and i were pretty tight then, real pals and i remember watching it all go down and when they announced their engagement i knew i wanted to get something special for them...i was loathe to get the kinda gift that everybody else usually gets for weddings (my theory: if EVERYBODY's doing something...it CAN'T be that good - LOL - what does THAT imply?!?!)...anyway...they have 3 kids now (their youngest born on my birthday, very sporting of them)- this one was from the heart, has no expiry date...i'm giving this background because it, in part, explains songwriting process (in theory), it touches on inspiration and creativity and i love both topics as much as i love the Schaap girls and their dear family - i've witnessed both their weddings and now both have a gang of their own (Jess, recently had her first baby, whoo-hoo!) and i dig "here from there" stories....for me, it's a good story and a trip - and i always say: it's good have some company when you're going on a long ride...


words and music: larry nicholson

well they say that love’s dying
i can’t stand the news
they want all the heroes to lose
i’ve been to the mountain
seen wide open skies
i know the secrets in your eyes

i’ll sing you my story
it ain’t full of glory
it’s all that I know and it’s all that i am
i can’t promise tomorrow that we won’t know sorrow
but if you want it from me I can get it
can get love for you
get love for you
i can get love for you...

i can see shadows falling
in the light of this fire
it’s turning and burning
burning higher
follow me to the ocean
follow me to the sea
follow me to the morning
follow me, oh follow me…

when you think that the best of me
is so far behind
that’s when you’ll see the rest of me
and you’ll find all the love of this heart
this heart that can shine,
this heart that can shine…

will I see you at midnight?
when your tears fall like rain
mother father before me
they might say, they might say…

i won’t say that I’m sorry
for this kind of glory
it’s small but like all the rest in the sense
that it takes my breath from me to think you might love me
to know everything that I’ve done
has led me to you
led me to you
led me here to you

if it’s true and love’s dyin’
we won’t turn away
we’ll keep each other’s story
night and day...

© 2010 Champsteen Publishing

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