Monday, October 18, 2010

East Van Nightmare (song)

words and music by Larry Nicholson

last night in an east van nightmare
time for one last score
looked hard but there’s no one out here
nobody here no more
might be a thief but you just can’t steal it
can’t find the key
might be in love but you just can’t feel it
looks like her love is leaving me

an indian warrior asleep in the cellar
can’t see the soldiers coming through
so many things that I wanted to tell her
i'll never know if she wanted me to
only bloodshot bugs knew my name here
like waiting for the flood
a cruel wind blew hard through my life, dear
like winter in my blood

no place for you to run to (baby)
no place to hide
when the music stops you go crazy
you’re gone like the tide

now one soft and velvet morning
went down to the sea
at Jericho I was born again
embraced the mystery
the sky was never so blue before
if she could see my world
gonna knock on every door
gonna find that girl

only ever sick as our secrets
it's no place to stay
surrender all the regrets
give it all away

© 2010 Champsteen Publishing

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