Sunday, October 10, 2010

Foolish Destiny (song)

words and music: Larry Nicholson

In the misty silent twilight that nobody knows
the windswept field where nobody goes I stand naked
Listen for the sweet sounds above all the screams
Intruding on dreams of truth and the ones who forsake it
I’m as upside down as I am inside out
Resting in the shade of the hollows in a shadow of doubt

In the skin of a lion on a chestnut mare
You contrast and compare and find only your indignation
To be hounded and haggard but never to break
You say it’s all a mistake and shake your fist at your station
Your love of pride keeps you strong and courageous
You belong to no heart, only to the ages

The faith of convenience is the hollowest faith
It puts free men in bondage, feeds rivers of hate and enslaves us
Investing twenty four-karat hope in uncertain things –
Fools gold-plated rings but the meek shall inherit and save us
In my poetry mama says: “child, don’t cry for me –
I’ve gone to that place behind sleep where everyone’s free”

A candle in the window flickers and fades,
midnight black it invades, still burning for those left uncertain
A glimmer of hope weds a glimmer of grace
reaching out to a place obscured by night’s angry curtain
Is the darkness that I’m in really inside of me?
Is it ancient wisdom I seek or just foolish destiny?

©2010 Champsteen Publishing

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