Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Thought Of You (song)

words and music by Larry Nicholson

I was still a boy when you made me a man
Didn’t know it then but now I understand
I thought of you (I thought of you)
Like the gambler rolling straight sevens
I see brown eyes half on their way to heaven
And I thought of you I thought of you
Now I dream the dreams of heroes and kings
And I’ve been a fool for lesser things
I know this love’s true ‘cause I thought of you

For the first time this morning I felt awake
When next we meet on that hill all the love I take
I take for you…it’s all for you
Now in my sleep I laugh out loud
When I’m on the street I’m walking proud
‘cause I’m with you I’m with you
I’ve come to believe in this miracle we’ve started
Never again to be broken hearted
It all came true ‘cause I thought of you

We come and we go hand in hand
Over the water across the sand
And I’m with you…I found you
In light of day we see love shine
The kisses we share sweet red wine
I’ll be true…be true to you
And now the wind never blows cold
Dark never threatens, it’ll never take hold
It’s all coming true cause I thought of you…

© 2010 Champsteen Publishing

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