Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reservation Girl (song)

words and music by Larry Nicholson

she’s a weapon of destruction
She’s my worst best friend
I give her all I got and then I do it again
I build the fire for you baby
I’m running all the way around the world
you got me disappearin’ mama
you reservation girl

I wanna be her caddy
I’m her love dump truck
gave her daddy all my horses she don’t give a fuck
just a round-dancin’ fool
we’re dancing all the way around the world
get yer mercy on baby,
reservation girl

she stays out all night
shuts the road house town
I was easy pickings baby
hitchin' in from town
I ain’t smoking signals
no I’m talking to you
she lookin right through me
everything I do…

she’s a satellite shooting
through my nighttime sky
I’d be a bigger man but all I do is cry
I’m digging in a hole
She’s running all the way around the world
I keep digging deeper
For my reservation girl…

© 2010 Champsteen Publishing

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