Friday, November 5, 2010

Big Brown Beautiful Bannock-Stuffed Indians (audio poem)

Big Brown Beautiful Bannock-stuffed Indians…

are puttin’ on their bingo shirts
and headed down to the hall early for the good seats
grab seven chicken and spud meals to go –
alright, gimme 20 dollars worth and a Bonanza!

darkened and bulging eating muscles
just a goin’ to beat ol’ sixty
with a smoldering pihtwanis* dangling here
and a Pepsi making the rounds there –
I can’t get lucky, I was born lucky!

Big brown beautiful bannock-stuffed Indians
are dancing all night in great circles
ribbon shirts and wranglers
and numberless children all doing the indigenous shuffle –
hey, anybody see where my kids went?

bannock-slapped and neck-boned to the brim
with room only for tea…and the next meal
food always tastes better when it’s free
besides, who needs money on a good rez anyway? –
ho-la, there’s a lot of neechees here tonight!

Big brown beautiful bannock-stuffed Indians
are trying to win and round-dance in the cities
tradition is taking its own sweet time
but it’s coming…and everybody knows everybody –
Dear Uncle, it’s just like you said it would be…

home-fed scouts and wide-eyed warriors
are in every place you care to look
pounding on pavement, doors and drums
and recreating ourselves constantly –
I am home, I am home, I am home

* pihtwanis – Cree word for “cigarette”

© 2010 Champsteen Publishing

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  1. I loved it....While I listened , I was brought back to my rez in my mind...Details were abundant...