Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ballad Of A Brown Town Crier (song)

words and music: larry nicholson

looking back on warmer sunny days
i can’t go back there anyways
we were young and wild, we had it all
did you ever think you might fall?
in the heat of the night vows were made
but as time goes by promises fade

the only thing I know
it’s time for letting go…
cause time won’t wait for me

your spirit stays with me everywhere
ten years from now will we still care?
will you ever turn and think of me?
wonderin’ where i might be…
in city rain i think i hear you laugh
as you come across an old photograph

there's no sense hangin’ on
when love goes it’s gone…
and no one is to blame

some people think they’ll stop the rain
hate the whole world when they fall again (and again and again)…
keeping track of all our mistakes
they only know how a heart breaks
gettin’ old before their time
carry it with them on down the line

it’s getting late September
there so much to remember…
and so much to let go

i love her still like i love the stars
i keep her close no matter how far (away she is)
its good to hope its good to need
but i’ll keep it there i won’t bleed
if she ever finds herself this way
i won’t think twice `bout what’ll say

she’s somewhere out there tonight
i’ll send her a little light...
i’ll sing for her this song

© 2010 Champsteen Publishing


  1. Incredible, amazing, moving! Who is on the guitar?

    This is a haunting piece of work.

    Hope you are well ,


  2. hey carole - I'M playing the guitar...I'M playing ALL guitar on this Blog

  3. You have many skills, and it's very generous of you to post your work!


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  5. Very nice, I like you, high 5.