Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dark Horse (song)

words and music: larry nicholson

how is it you recognized me?…called to me in my sleep
cradled me in your in loving arms…gave me your word to keep
you’re a dark horse mystery…a way of looking i’ve never seen
you to me are undiscovered country…somewhere i’ve never been

before you a battle outside ragin’
inside each day a little death
you comfort me with the fresh wind of your voice
i’ll comfort you with the last wind in my breath

you brushed back for me all my defenses…came to me where i live
made real to me the dream i had…when i had nothing to give
this music plays in the deepest way…i’m learning to find the key
seeing things i never could before…walk through what could never be

i’ll come for you when you get so lonely
when the fire’s gone we will find the spark
you will be my sacred one and only
standing in the caverns of the dark

what was it that sent you to me?…some creation must have made this place
dance upon this grand design…reach for you in moments of grace
drink from this loving cup…the taste of you on my tongue
i may always be just a little fragile…you’ll always be the one

can i hold you under these stars so plenty
when cold winds runs through you like a knife
i love you like a night with no ending
you are the first and last thing in my life

now i’ve been a lesson in hard living
i’ve been a cautionary tale
but if you still got a little left for giving
we’ll get on board and find wind for these sails…

© 2010 Champsteen Publishing

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