Sunday, December 26, 2010

In Another Life...(song)

words and music: Larry Nicholson

What kind of Indian am I? -
One who won’t take advice?
The old one says that I should forget you
How could I forget those eyes?

You came out of the glowing sea spray
Saw you standing on the beach
You were born a carver’s daughter
You are close but so out of reach

Now you’ve taken up with another
Gone and gave your heart away
The hardest thing to do is watch you drift on by
So I’ll meet you another life…

I’m in love with the land that made me
Watch you in your graceful flight
Look for you down a road less traveled -
in some far off gentle night

Well we become the choices we’ve made?
Fall asleep inside our heads
Will we move on without a sound?
Don’t want to die before I’m dead

I can’t stay with any other
Can’t give half my heart away
It’s the hardest thing to stay and feel your wind blowing by
So I’ll try again in another life…

© 2010 Champsteen Publishing

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