Friday, January 14, 2011

Okay, So I CAN'T Sing...(article)

that's not the point...i call myself an artist, as such it's crucial to seek, find and experience the creative process such as i define it. For some, morning pages or keeping a journal...for others different activities do the trick. In my mind it is simply an active way of manifesting various types of creativity that interest me. ALSO, it seems to open up space for more or other kinds of original work.

On another note a friend has opened a personal Youtube page with what i would describe as less-than gripping material on it – a collection of simple videos he shot and posted that have garnered a staggering 2.8 million hits/views...UNBELIEVABLE!!!! - that is until you consider that little teenager justin beiber has over a billion views or hits i read recently...i've never believed more is better (necessarily) or that quantity means quality, it simply means people have the means to access disposable media on a scale that dwarfs anything we knew before. My friend has some degree of literacy and better than moderate awareness of computers and how the Internet works. He is able to assign the proper tag words/posting options/settings/links to other pages so that virtually any search one carries out on the Internet will sooner than later point you to HIS page even if you are looking for something completely unrelated to his page or material located therein. It is simply good manipulation of this form of media. It's small wonder that the corporate hordes are looking for every conceivable way of monetizing your use of the Internet, that is, making money off of what you choose to look at on the Internet. I am providing Free-Blogger with a very small stream of advertising by placing my material here and having (mostly) people I know visit, but the majority of the people coming here are pals of mine who are simply curious and i have at present no strategy for or interest in pulling in more readers/viewers...well...perhaps i could at least post something remotely interesting.

*(added Jan 17th, 2011) according to Pingdom, an Internet tracking service, here are some mind-boggling stats): there are presently 1.97 billion Internet users - there are approximately 294 billion e-mails sent per day (89% are spam) - there 152 million Blogs, if "...bottom lines and wet noodles..." can be considered completely average, then there are roughly 76 million blogs out there that you would probably find MORE interesting than this one...(better get started, i'll wait here)...

on the Internet you have the potential to get an artist's best (and worst) stuff

as for songwriting, it's one of the greatest creative challenges there is for me. i'll always be an aspiring songwriter and guitar's one of creator's ways of allowing me to speak to the universe. There's at least a couple songs i'm proud of so i'll keep right on working on's good for the soul...

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  1. You will be criticized by someone no matter what you do. So just do it. It's in the eyes of the beholder. If a nutbar like Tiny Tim can have a couple hundred thousand fans, then anything is possible. I'm a little biased cause larry is a bro, but as a nonaspiring musician I think is stuff is very soulful and original, it takes courage to be an individual, as opposed to copying someone else. Lord knows there are too many of those types out in the musical universe. So I say listen or don't.