Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Amelinda...(song)

words and music: larry nicholson

I lost my way but not my power
getting younger by the hour
she comes to me at night in my music and poetry

it’ s hard to fly when you’re born to run
when you’re wings get too close to the sun
we fall and we fall and get caught in this mystery

are you wicked, are you weary in your own love? -
does it bind you, do you find it sets you free?

the hard times come and go
like a shadow, like going home
to Amelinda

how does an Indian come so far?
this life I’ve built’s a house of cards
this port town’s full of road men and actors and gypsies and me

I still believe, I just don’t know
sometimes a black bird’s just a crow
but as I walked away I could swear he was winking at me

is the wilderness in your heart your own making -
did you get love by bringing love to its knees?

it’s a long road through this life
make my way to the distant sight of
my Amelinda

the only darkness in the world is not knowing
the only fear are the things you cannot see

I still love things hard to hold
like snow falling in quiet cold
like Amelinda

in my dreams and my prayers
I light candles, I climb the stairs
to Amelinda…

© 2011 Champsteen Publishing

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