Thursday, March 31, 2011



taste water,
autumn and the best mentioned of her –
be it the truth or some other way of saying
that my mother’s name is Edna
she is long gone yet has given me everything

build stories,
fire and kinship –
calmly speak so there is no mistaking
that my sister’s name is Ruby
she, like all my sisters, shares with me
every instance of this beautiful torment

sit silent,
fasting and on a hill –
breathe life then summon gentle words
because my grandmother’s name is Betsy
and remember that any place you ever go,
she has been there first

get posies,
foxtail and dandelion root –
each a medicine and each her favorite
tell everyone you meet, remember this:
my youngest daughter’s name is Grace
she too is woman and she gives me everything

© 2011 Champsteen Publishing

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