Monday, August 29, 2011

Watershed (song)

words and music: larry nicholson

I come from the heartland of peaceful hills
I’ve seen the kindness of love and the space it fills
I know no mother, no father mine to see
but everything I am is everything they’ll be
on painted ponies I named each road
the good will of strangers carried my load
I’ve tasted honey, I’ve tasted wine
I hold the sweet holy memory of her lips on mine
and I’ve known freedom…yes, I recall

inside the empire of broken dreams
cascading temples of gold where fortune streams
down darkened alleys are the ones who pay
for all this wreckage, these midnight ways
the ones grown lonely in the howlin’ wind
who mark the cost in dust in everything we’ve been
can love turn back time - will it pay the bills
or stop a bullet that tears through the night so still?
I’ve been a witness…yes I recall

saved all the letters you wrote about snow
and all the miles in between that remind me of home
out of the ashes, the watershed
a distant memory of names and of times we bled
speak to me softly on this moonless night
where faith can’t be seen and there’s no starlight
though still the waters must bring the rain
to hear a voice beside me in the darkness say
I’m too a witness…yes, I recall...
and I remember…yes, I recall…

©2011 Champsteen Publishing

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