Friday, June 28, 2013

What Matters (audio poem)...

   What Matters

music: Spiegle Im Spiegle by Arvo Pärt

on a lawn
we sit across from one another
in conversation
veiled by circumstance

the scent
of fresh-cut grass and your skin
rid the well of tedium
and half-truths

as behind you
a summer moon
arcs it’s way
to a distant tomorrow

in these moments
i am struck by the essentials

it’s not the thought
of the small of your back
though it does confound me

nor is it the delicate steel
in your gaze
when it’s true
i feel strong

it isn’t the memory of your body
rising at the hint of my breath

it can’t merely be
the silhouette of your bareness
during nights with you
in soft light
though, at times,
it is


what matters
are the lines in your face
which speak of things
you can and cannot say

it is that you understand
losing everything
still means
you can always lose a little more

it is the fresh wind of your voice
which blows through my hands

it is that
although we are born here
and we’ll die here,

you still feel
the sweet ache of things
we’ve never wanted
so badly

© 2013 Champsteen Publishing

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