Sunday, September 3, 2017

Twilight Life (song)

words & music by Larry

a black-haired woman walks down to the edge of dark water
a clutch roses in her arms for the all the lost tribes with homes on the sea
ghostly waves beat the shore
like spectral ones come before
taking solace in storms and the things that'll be

a thousand kisses won’t mend the bend in your heart
nothing in this world that you’ve seen helps you come to grips with your fate
play the undertaker’s blues
get confused by the rules
you want no piece of the illusion that they call hate

chorus 1
when you stand high on the piny ridge of that beautiful mountain
and look across the expanse of the beautiful sea
your heart beats so fast
there’s no future no past
there’s no feeling alone in your twilight life…

chorus 2
when you rise up to a silver moon where you wait for no one
you find that place with your love where you reach for the sky
there’s no secrets to keep
living forever deep
all you know is the quiet of your twilight life…

the orphan girl diving down in the urban jungle
a nameless child walks the streets named for sons of the city long since dead
wears a coat full of holes
stepping over lost souls
never understood anything that they’ve said

all the roads lead us home to that same mystic garden
fires burn and the smoke bathes our bodies in ashes and in coal
the wind cuts like a knife
no one come back alive
there’s no need for explaining in this twilight life…

(chorus 1)

©2017 Champsteen Publishing

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